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Trolls Women s Lady Glitter Sparkles Costume, Size: Medium, Pink

Trolls Women s Lady Glitter Sparkles Costume, Size: Medium, Pink

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Coming Out! There s nothing like going out in style after a life-changing makeover! Wouldn t it nice to get a little help from a troupe of Trolls to help you flaunt the true joy you re feeling deep down inside? And wooing a Prince while you re at it wouldn t hurt either! This Lady Glitter Sparkles costume is all about letting that joy come out to play. Whether you do that by tottering through cobblestone streets in a pair of platform heels or excitedly skating around the roller rink, you ll be sure to spread that cheer to even the gloomiest residents of Bergen Town. Who has time to be plain, anyway? Fun Design & Details This fully-licensed Lady Glitter Sparkles Costume from Dreamworks s Trolls was designed by our in-house creative team to ensure a fun, colorful time! The checkered jumpsuit is accented with a white belt along the generously padded hips that are engineered to achieve Lady Glitter Sparkles unique silhouette. Purple sleeves will let you achieve her violet skin tone. The costume is topped off with a pair of four-fingered mitts and a rainbow wig that has plenty of Troll-style flair. Pair this costume with platform heels to complete your Trolls coming-out-worthy ensemble! Royally Happy Most of the residents of Bergen Town don t know they can feel joy any time they want. That s where the classic Cinderella story of Lady Glitter Sparkles and Prince Gristle is uniquely wonderful! It s not just about making one couple happy, Lady Glitter Sparkles brings joy to a whole community! Now, you can decide to spread cheer through your outstanding basketball skills, your roller rink moves, or even some serious pizza gobbling. It s time to come out, do it in technicolor!

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