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Dual Face Scanner Epson Ff680w 300 Dpi 45 Ppm Wifi Black

Dual Face Scanner Epson Ff680w 300 Dpi 45 Ppm Wifi Black

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Fast and efficient Digitising your collection of printed photos doesn t have to be difficult or time consuming - this auto feeder can scan up to 30 photos in 30 seconds1. Scan standard, square, panoramic and instant photos, from 9x13cm up to 21x91cm (panoramic). Plus its intelligent knowing when to scan the back of a photo - helping capture special handwritten notes. Processing thousands of photos is quick and easy While you can opt to manually edit the photos, theres a suite of impressive automatic features that you can select to ensure photos are ready to share. This includes cropping, rotating, restoring colours in faded photos and enhancing brightness, contrast and colour. Theres also the option to automatically save both an enhanced and original version of the scan – great if you want an untouched backup. Sharing and storing files is easy Choose a file type that s right for your needs: small and easy to share JPEGs or large TIFFs for maximum image quality. FastFoto software lets you share images via email and automatically upload images to cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Drive2. Versatile It can archive a range of single or double-sided documents at 45ppm3, vertically up to A4, including panoramic images. And thanks to the OCR software, scanned documents are editable in Word or Excel and PDFs are searchable.

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