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Cuttlelola Electric Dots Pen

Cuttlelola Electric Dots Pen

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The World s First Electric Drawing pen. Without exhausting much time and effort, you can draw out incredible works in a short time. No matter whether you have an arts background or an ordinary background, Cuttlelola can help you quickly master professional drawing skills in a limited time, it is a brand-new, creative and unique drawing tool. Cuttlelola Dotspen is a revolutionary and innovative drawing tool, mainly used for professional comic creation and the drawing of enlightenment education. By simulating action of dotting with high speed, 10 times faster than traditional pen by hand, save lots of time. Beginners can quickly master skills in a short time with simple operation. Makes drawing easy and fun! Contains rechargeable lithium batteries. Pen can be used during charging. Choose from different coloured inks, provided in Cuttlelola refill packs.

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