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Enouvation E6 Power Pack

Enouvation E6 Power Pack

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Enouvation The E6 power pack offers you the ability to go cordless on power motion furniture. This means you can float a power motion piece of furniture without having to see those unsightly, industrial cords. The E6 will give your sofa with power headrests approximately 600 cycles* and recliner 1200 cycles* before having to recharge. It will also power lift chairs and adjustable bed frames. The power pack is tested to multiple UL standards and certified, having gone through rigorous testing. They are the most efficient battery in the marketplace with 3x the power, half the size. All power packs have an LED Power Indicator that shows the level of power and an interactive power alert when the battery runs low. Each power pack comes with its own charger inbox. The frequency in which your power pack will need to be recharged varies greatly on the amount of use. To ensure the best results over the lifetime of your product, be sure to charge fully (to 100% capacity) before the first use. Lights of any kind on furniture and sometimes the actuators (up/down, open/close) buttons themselves are a constant draw on the power pack and will dramatically affect the effectiveness of the power pack (approx. 72-192 mAh each LED per day). USB ports whether used or not can also have a constant draw, but this will vary by manufacturer. A sofa with 2 USB ports that draw constant power can burn 120 mAh per day and will most definitely diminish the performance of any rechargeable power pack.

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