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Story Duster Side By Side Skates - Wine Uk 3

Story Duster Side By Side Skates - Wine Uk 3

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Duster Side by Side Skates The Duster are light side-by-side freeride rollerskates. They are made for every young girl and retro crazed lady looking for a pair of allround skates suited for a bit of everything within the sport. It doesnt matter whether youre a beginner or a more advanced skater, with the Duster rollerskates youll dust off the streets or those indoor skateparks in no time The skates are made of materials that ensures a high performance and comfortability on all your rides. Cushioned on the inner part of the boot to reduce shock when rolling over minor bumps or on uneven surfaces. The cushioning and the high-cut sneaker design provide a maximum comfort fit and the appealing street look, which goes well with the many skating sports. The Duster rollerskates has ABEC-7 bearings, PU bushings and PU wheels with a hardness of 82 A. What this combined means for you is a fast rolling pair of quality skates that easily and precisely follows your movements during the sharpest of turns. So, if youre interested in a lovely pair of freeride side-by-side rollerskates that goes for a bit of everything within the sport. Then the Duster is just the skates for you Specifications Wheel diameter 57 mm Wheel hardness 82 A Bearings ABEC-7 Blade material Plastic Boot material PU leather Insole measurements 33-34 = 21,9 x 7,3 cm / 35-36 = 23,1 x 7,3 cm / 37-38 = 24,4 x 7,7 cm / 39-40 = 25,6 cm x 7,5 cm Weight 1120 g

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