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Lucky Duck Flocker 2.0 Rotary Machine

Lucky Duck Flocker 2.0 Rotary Machine

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Lucky Duck Flocker 2.0 Rotary Machine The Flocker 2.0 Rotary Machine is the most rugged and durable (2) arm rotary machine on the market. It features a 12 volt heavy duty motor, quad spike stand for added stability, and 10-foot arms for a realistic decoy movement. The Flocker can be setup in field or water and is the perfect motion system for snow geese and ducks. Being remote operated, it can be programmed to run multiple Flockers for maximum flexibility and convenience. The Flocker works with most flyer decoys including Sillosock, Reel Wing, Heavy Hauler, and Deadly Decoys. Lucky Duck Spinners can also be easily converted to attach to the Flocker. The recommended power source is a 12 volt deep cycle battery (sold separately). Features 2 arm rotary Dynamite on both snow geese and ducks Works in both field and water setups HD Remote Control - 100+ yard range 10 between arms for realistic decoy spread Rugged motor and gear system Quick set quad spike stand Includes marsh pole to place Flocker motor over water Works with most flyers on the market Fits Lucky Duck air and battery operated decoys as well as other motorized decoys Runs on 12V deep cycle battery (not included) Lucky Duck Flocker 2.0 Rotary Decoy Machine | Lucky Duck Flocker 2.0 Rotary Decoy Machine

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