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Montana Decoy Dreamy Doe Decoy

Montana Decoy Dreamy Doe Decoy

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The doe of their dreams. The Dreamy Doe Decoy is one irresistible decoy to passing bucks during the rut. But it s not just effective during the rut—use it as a cover for spot-and-stalk hunting in open terrain, or as a distraction as you line up your shot around early/late-season food sources. With its lightweight foldable design, you can set it up or take it down in seconds to reposition or move to a better location. Guaranteed to be a game changer for whitetail hunting as you know it. Extremely effective during the rut Can be used as a cover to spot-and-stalk whitetails in open terrain or around early/late-season food sources Can also be set up in a bedding pose Folds flat to a compact size of 13 x 16 and pops up to full size in seconds Fits the Quickstand (sold separately, item # 734201) for better spot-and-stalk performance Pose is proven to lure mature bucks into bow range Works great with a Teaser Tail (sold separately, item # 734200) Fast and easy setup Lightweight, durable design Order today!

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