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Replica By The Fireplace Candle & Holder Set

Replica By The Fireplace Candle & Holder Set

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Discover our exclusive Candle Holder and By The Fireplace Candle set, the perfect gift for an cozy winter with this exhilarating duo. Elegant and sophisticated, The Maison Margiela candle holder will magnify your REPLICA scented candle. An iconic design from Maison Margiela which twists an everyday object and creates a cozy atmosphere at home. Its cap protects your candles s wax after the extinction of the flame, to avoid the smoke diffusing in the room. The By the Fireplace candle will fill your home with the addictive and wintery scent of wood and chestnuts grilling in the chimney. It unlocks the memory of a cozy winter evening by the chimney. The atmosphere created by this candle is warm and comforting, bringing a reassuring sensation of peacefulness. This warm and cozy scent was created by renowned perfumer Marie Salamagne. She used Cashmeran and Ga?ac woods mixed with Clove oil to recreate the sensation of wood burning in the chimney. She reproduced the addictive scent of grilling Chestnuts using a Chestnut accord and the spicy inflections of Pink Pepper. The By the Fireplace candle is both a perfuming and decorative statement for your home with its precious white glass adorned with the iconic REPLICA label, emblematic of Maison Margiela. The quality of the wax and long manufacturing process offers more than 40 hours of this wonderful perfume.

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