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Studebaker Boombox With Bluetooth/Cd/Fm Radio& 15w Subwoofer ,Teal

Studebaker Boombox With Bluetooth/Cd/Fm Radio& 15w Subwoofer ,Teal

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Pump up the bass with the Avanti Stereo Boombox from Studebaker. This boombox features a 15W Subwoofer for consistent high-power bass guaranteed to rattle your windows. Bluetooth Receive and Transmit functions allow you to stream music, podcasts, and other audio as well as use wireless headphones for private listening. Enjoy FM stereo analog radio with a back lit dial scale. This unit comes with a top loading CD Player that is CD/MP3 compatible with 20 programmable tracks for both the CD Player and USB playback (up to 32GB). Not only does the 3-Speaker system rock out, but the Amber LED light show synchronizes with the music to create a visual effect to please all your senses. Additional features include a 3-digit Red LED display, rotary volume controls and bass/treble functions, aux-in, headphone and DC jacks, as well as a FM rotary antenna. Best of all, the built-in rechargeable battery guarantees youll wont be spending or searching for replacement power ever again.

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