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Catchmaster Bg-1 1 Gallon Bulk Rodent Trap Glue

Catchmaster Bg-1 1 Gallon Bulk Rodent Trap Glue

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Bulk Glue is a glue that has a new and improved formula which makes the glue easy to spread, but it won t run at high temperatures or lose its effectiveness at low temperatures. The Glue is offered for those who want to make their own traps for when you need a specific shape and size that isn t commercially available. It works great on both rodents and insects, and is non-toxic, making it well suited for sensitive areas. Bulk Glue can be applied to cardboard, plastic, roofing shingles, and wood. Just place the glue 5 to 15 feet apart, depending on the size of what you are trying to catch, keep the glue boards in place for at least five days before removing it, since the pest may avoid it until it gets accustomed to it. Use putty or wire to secure the boards in place as to prevent the pest from moving the board around. The glue may be heated to make application easier. To remove the glue, use vegetable oil or baby oil, and it will come off. Great for DIY pest control!

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