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Omron Bf511 Body Analysis Scale Turquoise

Omron Bf511 Body Analysis Scale Turquoise

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The Omron HBF-511 is the most comprehensive Body Composition Monitor with as special property that the fat percentage of children starting from the age of 6 years can be measured. The fat percentage is determined on the basis of bio-electrical impedance by sending a weak current throughout the body on the basis of the four point method. Measurements can be carried out via the memory or via the guest mode. Besides the weight fat muscle percentage and BMI also the basal metabolismSpecifications Omron BF511 Measuring BMI Measuring bone mass Measure visceral fat Measuring metabolism General specifications: Clinically validated Memory for last measurement Memory for 4 to 8 sensors Special children s mode For 6 - 80 years Batteries included Body fat The Omron BF511 measures the body fat percentage relative to the length and weight by using eight measurement points. Excessive body fat can lead to serious health problems such as an increased cholesterol cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Body fat accumulates around the abdomen upper arms and especially at the hips and thighs. Visceral fat fat around the organs Is the most dangerous fat as it is not always visible and accumulates around the organs. Even people with a healthy body weight can have difficulties with visceral fat. People with a high percentage of this fat have normally large stomache contents. People with a healthy weight but yet a high organ fat percentage usually have continuously problems with their metabolism. BMI The BMI is an index for the weight relative to the body length. The BMI is calculated by dividing the body weight in kilograms with the square of the body length. A BMI under 18.5 is considered underweight. Between 185 and 249 is considered a healthy weight. A BMI over 25 and 299 is overweight. With a BMI higher than 30 you can say that it is obesity. Please note: These are average values that can vary depending on the person.

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