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Uponor A3100101 Heat-Only Thermostat With Touchscreen

Uponor A3100101 Heat-Only Thermostat With Touchscreen

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UPONOR A3100101 Heat-only Thermostat with Touchscreen The Heat-only Thermostat with Touchscreen (A3100101) is designed for precise temperature control of hydronic radiant heating applications. The thermostat uses fully automatic differential and pulse width modulation (PWM) control functions to ensure each radiant zone is comfortable and energy efficient. It can operate a radiant heating system based on the air sensor measuring operative temperature, a floor sensor, or a combination of both to provide the optimal level of comfort and control. The thermostat also allows the use of a floor sensor (A9010599) to measure floor temperature for enhanced comfort and to protect the surface from overheating. Key features: Operative temperature sensing Two-wire power sharing (easier installation) Capacitive touchscreen Color-enhanced display Slim, aesthetic design UPC: 673372533676

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