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Hy-C 8 In. Black Fireplace Smokeguard

Hy-C 8 In. Black Fireplace Smokeguard

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A wood-burning fireplace provides a home with a cozy warmth and the comforting sound of logs on the fire, but the smoke is not always as pleasant. If only there were something to control the smoke! That is where the Fireplace SmokeGuard from comes to the rescue. They are designed to specifically eliminate smoke roll-out from the fireplace and direct smoke up the chimney instead. Many fireplaces smoke because the opening is too high. The Fireplace SmokeGuard will decrease the opening and correct that smoke dilemma. They are even spring loaded for quick and easy installation. The Fireplace SmokeGuard will fit fireplaces 28.5to 48wide. Available options include a black painted 4, 6and 8and a brass plated 4.

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