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77 Elefante Hybrid Longboard Surfboard | South Bay Board Co. Aqua

77 Elefante Hybrid Longboard Surfboard | South Bay Board Co. Aqua

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Rider Weight Range Supports riders up to 250lbs Skill Level: The perfect 1st funboard for confident beginners An absolute gem of a summer funboard for experienced surfers Performance Focused Shape: 91 x 23 x 2.85, 57L of Volume A true Hybrid Soft Top Funboard Surfboard Performance focused nose rocker to prevent pearling and score on more late take offs Tail Rocker slightly flatter for better speed Rounded retro nose provides plenty of space for planting those toes on the nose and hitting that stylish pose. Widened chest area for easier pop-ups and more speed in the pocket Diamond tail keeps things frisky and free in clean open sections Hard rails for clean transitions and effortless gliding down the line Consistent single concave from nose to tail 4+1 Funboard fin system - future fin boxes + future fins Premium Custom Materials: Custom wax-free fingerprint textured foam deck Hybrid construction = glassed hard bottom deck + wax-free foam soft top deck CNC precision shaped Lightweight EPS closed-cell foam core Double I-Beam Stringer System: 2 full length I-Beam wood stringers, nose to tail, top deck to bottom deck Bamboo or Black Apricot Body Armor - one bamboo wood layer on top and bottom deck - greatly improves durability and resistance to heat damage Hand tapered rails Cleanup sanding and glassing all done by the hands of experienced shapers Heat-release valve for additional heat damage prevention Non-slip rubber die cut logo Each 7 7 Elefante Surfboard Includes: (1) 77 Elefante Hybrid Surfboard (4) Future Fins (Quad Set) and Fin Key (1) 9 Longboard Single Fin (1) (1) 8 Leash The 77 Elefante: The 77 Elefante is easily one of the most fun and most consistently surfed boards in our local community. This hybrid soft top funboard simply makes every session filled with super fun easy surfing, often in way less than favorable conditions. The Elefante is easily one of the best value funboard surfboards available in the industry today. For classic summer surf sessions where you just want to be out in the water making the most of small, crowded conditions, just let the Elefante lead the charge. The Elefante will catch just about anything, often before smaller waves even break. And when that board gets just a little momentum, it comes to life with controllable speed and nimble maneuverability once not thought possible on a soft top surfboard this long. Set the Elefante up with a quad setup and this somewhat traditional funboard shape gets a jolt of modern day technology and performance, helping you generate better speed to cruise through chunky sections while allowing you to quickly snap the big ol thing back into the pocket when needed But to keep it a little more classy, run the Elefante with a solo single fin set up and now you have soul-style cruiser ready to casually meander through the face of the wave and setup for stylish nose riding. Simply put, South Bays Hybrid Surfboards are the best Soft Top Surfboards in the World. What is a Hybrid Surfboard? Originally created and introduced to the Surf Industry by SBBC, the Hybrid Surfboard series is the only Wax-Free Soft Top Deck + Hard Fiberglassed Bottom Deck Surfboard on the market today. The custom shapes, materials, and aesthetic designs consistently deliver un- rivaled performance & value over any other soft top surfboards in the world.

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