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Lifetime 60326 Vertical Storage Shed, Desert Sand

Lifetime 60326 Vertical Storage Shed, Desert Sand

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Decluttering your garage and maintaining your yard can be a challenging task. Whether you need a space for yard tools or other equipment, you need the right solution to keep everything organized. s Vertical Shed offers an excellent space to store a variety of items around your home. This shed is UV-protected and weather resistant. The two height-adjustable shelves let you organize smaller items such as gloves, trowels, spades, hand rakes and more. The shed frees up valuable space in your garage by providing plenty of room for bigger items like rakes, brooms, shovels, storage totes, bins and even most push mowers. The durable, impact-resistant build, steel-reinforced walls and lockable doors (lock not included) provide plenty of protection for your belongings. With the Vertical Shed, you can keep your yard looking organized and pristine.

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