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Curt 48004 Receiver Mount Pintle Hook

Curt 48004 Receiver Mount Pintle Hook

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In agriculture construction and even military applications pintle hitches are the trusted product of specialized towing. They are notorious for their high weight capacity and simple design. The basic pintle hitch is essentially a hook and loop with the hook attached to the vehicle and the loop mounted on the trailer. Because of their simple design pintle hitches are able to have thicker metal construction and more secure coupling. This particular receiver-mount pintle hook is designed to insert into any 2x 2receiver tube. With a solid shank and a gross trailer weight capacity of 20000 lbs. it offers a solid complement to most class 5 trailer hitches NOTE: Never exceed the lowest weight capacity of any towing component i.e. the vehicle hitch trailer etc. The pintle hook fits any lunette ring with a 2-1/2inside eye diameter and it comes with a safety pin for secure coupling. The heavy-duty towing done with pintle hitches brings with it a certain amount of wear and tear on your towing equipment and to prepare for this CURT uses a quality finish on all of our pintle mounts lunette eyes and combination pintle hitches. This hitch-mounted pintle hook is coated in a black powder coat finish to provide the perfect amount of rust and scratch resistance needed to face the heavy-duty towing you do every day.

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