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Du-Ha 30100 - Black Underseat Storage Case Ram 1500

Du-Ha 30100 - Black Underseat Storage Case Ram 1500

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Underseat Storage The DU-HA allows you to store your gear, guns, power tools, tow ropes, tie down straps, first aid kit, tackle, bungee straps, hats, boots, gloves, chains, jumper cables, and so much more safely and securely under or behind the back seat of your truck. Easy Installation Most DU-HAs can be installed quickly and easily in under 10 minutes. The DU-HA will blend in seamlessly with your trucks interior and have a factory feel. Installs with easy fasteners, no tools required for installation. Disclaimer for Gun Case Use This model may not act as a legal gun case in states with gun case laws unless guns are placed in sleeves. Check with your local authorities for the laws in your state. Gun Storage The DU-HA includes a 2 piece gun rack/organizer, so you can safely store your guns in their upright position. The organizers/gun racks are easily removable so you can store larger items if youd like. This DU-HA holds 2 shotguns or rifles,one with a scope.

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