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Rohn 25 Series 40 Basic Tower 25g

Rohn 25 Series 40 Basic Tower 25g

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Kit Includes (3) ROHN 25G STANDARD 10 SECTIONS, (1) ROHN 25AG2 STANDARD 9 9TOP SECTION *40 is a nominal description - actual assembled height will be less if the bottom section is partially embedded in concrete* The ROHN 25G uses double bolted joints, proven to be the best method of joining tower sections for sturdiness and dependability. *See Rohn 25G Guides for Specifications and Installation Requirements. Professional Installation Required* Features 1-1/4OD, 16 Gauge legs 5/16OD Solid Bracing Completely hot-dipped galvanized after fabrication. 25AG2 Features a tapered top and integrated mounting pipe. The mounting pipe, measured from the apex of the side rails, is 14 Gauge x 2.24OD x 2.08ID Overall length is 9 9- see images for measurement breakdown. See note below for specification limitations. *See Rohn 25G & 25G Self-Supporting Guides for Wind Load Specifications and Installation Requirements. These specifications only apply if you embed 5 of the bottom 10 section in concrete per the requirements* * Professional Installation Required. If your installation exceeds ice/wind/load ratings you must guy or bracket your tower* *If your installation exceeds the load/wind/ice ratings put forth by Rohn (see attached documents) you must bracket and/or guy your installation. These items are not provided and can be purchased separately.

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