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Amana 1.6 Cu. Ft Stainless Over The Range Microwave

Amana 1.6 Cu. Ft Stainless Over The Range Microwave

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Make a quick snack or reheat leftovers with this over-the-range microwave. The instant-action keys let you cook, reheat and defrost common foods with just the push of a button, and the overhead design saves valuable counter space. This over-the-range microwave has a hidden vent for a seamless look. 1000W for standard microwave cooking Cook frozen meals in a snap, or heat coffee, soup and leftovers in no time. Automatic defrost function Quickly and efficiently thaws frozen items. Reheat and popcorn functions To give you great cooking results quick and easy. Large 12′′ turntable keeps food rotating By turning food items as they are prepared, the turntable ensures even, thorough cooking. 509.7 cfm fan helps remove cooking odors from your kitchen Charcoal filter aids in keeping your kitchen clean. Bulb cooktop light illuminates the cooking surface below So you can see what youre cooking on the stove. Electronic controls simplify cooking selection With digital display. Large glass window Lets you see how your foods cooking, thawing or steaming.

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